Infrastructure management software to streamline data center operations, differentiate your facility, and make your tenants happy

Businesses seeking to outsource data center operations have many choices. To win their business you must be able to fulfill all their hosting needs. That means offering a broad range of IT-based services, from traditional critical infrastructure to emerging new digital services, regardless of underlying infrastructure complexity.

Compete effectively in a changing industry

FNT’s enabling technology gives MTDCs and colos the IT and network infrastructure necessary to deliver the services tenants want. Our standard software transforms data center infrastructure into a modern system for managing a hybrid network of on- and off-premise resources, both in the data center and in the cloud. We help you gain control of your data center, which in turn helps you:

Increase customer satisfaction

Tenants favor a multi-supplier approach but are loyal to their primary provider. We’ll help you secure your place in the top spot.

Stand out in a crowded market

Meet changing demands for value-added expanded services. All things being equal, the ability to accommodate new requirements will tip the scale in your favor when customers are comparing options.

Find new revenue streams

Upgrade your infrastructure to enable a broader portfolio of service offerings, specifically connectivity and customer-centric services.

Operate more cost-effectively

Cost is one of the primary factors that drive price-sensitive tenants to shift workloads into colocation. Using software to automate service delivery and infrastructure management lowers costs significantly.


The proliferation of data being produced, consumed and processed at the edge is growing exponentially, with no end in sight. As businesses grapple with how to serve geographically dispersed customers,  edge data centers are emerging as a critical success factor. MTDCs are a natural fit for the edge. Those with a sound edge strategy, including an effective approach for managing their data centers, are primed to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity to be found there. Read this paper to learn the key considerations MTDCs should be aware of when planning their edge deployment.

Explore our products for better data center infrastructure management

Respond quickly to the needs of your business by centrally planning and managing your data center’s physical infrastructure.
Enable tenants to manage their outsourced IT and use of colocation space.


Gain transparency across the network to give tenants the high-quality connections they need to run their businesses.

MTDCs and Colos Trust FNT

Colt DCS evolves its Colo services with DCIM, Cloud Connectivity

Colt Datacenter Services, the colocation arm of Colt Technology Services, deployed FNT’s datacenter infrastructure management platform FNT Command across all 29 of its facilities. The result? Improved operation of their data centers across multiple sites and improved connectivity services, including direct connects to cloud services providers. Since partnering with FNT, Colt is better able to cope with changing market conditions and customer expectations.

Read how they did it in this revealing examination of how they are exploiting new technologies for competitive gain and business growth.


A complete solution for MTDCs and colocation centers



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About FNT Software

FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for telecommunication infrastructure management, IT management and data center infrastructure management worldwide. FNT Command is our innovative software solution that is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management platform for communications service providers, enterprises and government organizations. More than 25,000 users have relied on FNT Command since 1994. FNT Command provides transparency in an integrated way for better management of IT, network infrastructures, and telecommunication. The deep integration of all data items and our comprehensive data repository set it apart from other solutions in the software market. FNT supports all planning, fulfillment and assurance processes across your business.
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